James Tryon Interview

James Tryon
James Tryon is speaking on the Secret to becoming a great Project Manager at WordCamp Minneapolis.

What inspired or motivated you to give this talk at WordCamp?

Client work is something I really enjoy. Happy clients are great to work with and a happy team produces great results. It’s the project manager’s job to keep this type of environment going, creating an enjoyable work environment. When talking with other people in our industry, they seem to hate that part of their job.  

I feel this is something I know a lot about, and if done right, it’s not that hard to accomplish. I hope after this talk someone has an ‘ah ha’ moment and it helps change their workflow and betters their work and life.

How do you “create intention” in your job, career, or life?

I try to make every moment count. We only get one shot at this(Life as we know it), and everything I do is intentional regardless if it’s not always the best choose. Be smart, take chances and always believe in yourself. Have a purpose, and love what you do.

If you were a WordPress Plugin, what Plugin would you be and why?

Jetpack because I think I can do everything! Joking.

More then likely something custom, because I’m a unique snow flake.

If you were not doing your current job, what profession would you be in and why?

This depends. Some type of urban farm program setting up aquaponic systems and teaching people how to be self sustaining. And making some type of hand crafted furniture / industrial useable art. If I had to work for someone else, Prop/set design for movies would be cool.

I do have a dream of opening up a little Soul food dinner or food truck “when I’m really old”. I used to run a steak house for 4 years, and really enjoy cooking/entertaining for people.

What professional and/or research resource(s) can’t you live without?

The internet to start. But to give a real answer, a basic mechanical BIC 0.7mm pencil with white clip and eraser, graph paper notebook, large white eraser(has to be white, pink leaves marks) and some alone time. Then my team would be a close 2nd on that list of importance.

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  1. Cory W

    I’m really looking forward to this talk! James’ love of working with people really comes through in his answers. As someone who does not find working with clients and others easy, I’m extremely excited to hear what James has to offer.

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