The Path To Conversion: Storytelling Through Theme Design

Most discussions and talks on WordPress theming are focused on development, but to write the code for and develop a WordPress theme, you first need design.

Web design plays a critical role in setting the tone of a website, focusing visitors’ attention, and guiding them through the site to a conversion with as little friction as possible. It also is responsible for shaping brand perception, audience emotion, and telling a story that not only produces results but resonates with clients and customers.

At it’s core, design is the visualization of the why.

In this presentation we’ll cover:

  • Understanding the brand story and site visitor journey
  • Conversion path planning and creating a natural website flow
  • Purpose driven theme design focused on asking why
  • Long-term design thinking focused on asking how


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About Jennifer Bourn

I am founder of Bourn Creative and an award-winning designer who has been in the design, web, and digital strategy trenches since 1997. Today I consult on brand, website, and digital strategy, lead graphic design and web design projects, and specialize in WordPress theme design.